08 September 2014

Our brand new video for "HOLLOW", lead track from EP02 "Devotion", the second in our four EP cycle, was premiered exclusively by Bring The Noise UK and is now online for everyone. Follow the link to watch the video, share if you can and let us know what you think.


03 September 2014

BIG NEWS!! Tomorrow our brand new video for "Hollow" launches with an exclusive showing courtesy of Bring the Noise UK: http://www.bringthenoiseuk.com

Tune in at 5pm GMT to see it!

Until then here's a little trailer to whet your appetites...


This Burning Age T-Shirts have landed.

29 August 2014

And the T-Shirts have landed. Absolutely over the moon with the quality of the Tees and of the print (as modeled by the lovely Lucie) and I hope you guys will feel the same. The response from the pre-orders has been absolutely amazing and we sold out the entire first batch BUT never fear, I'll be organising a second order next month so keep checking in on our Facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/thisburningage or follow us on Twitter @thisburningage for news on the release.TBA Black T-Shirt - Model - 22-08-14


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