About the "This Burning Age"
The band began as a solo project and brainchild of Friday some five years ago, with the first album, "A Muzzle for the Masses", written, recorded and released independently. Although Friday is still the driving force in the band - who writes all the material, steers the design concepts and creates all the artwork that go in hand in hand with each release - it was his desire to expand and develop the sound and take the music to live venues that led to the formation of the band as it exists today. In an industry that's become a little stale and predictable, it's our aim to not only create music that we'd want to hear but that pushes boundaries. We want to make music that inspires - both intellectually as well as in that all important, almost inexplicable, visceral, kick-in-the-guts way that you feel when you hear something you immediately connect to. Genre-wise the band can be a little difficult to pigeon-hole - the result of drawing on elements from a wide variety of influences: New Wave , Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial, Neue Deutsche Härte, Synth-pop, Post-Rock, Goth, Drum and Bass, Trip-hop and a fair few others in-between. Our goal: to hopefully make something fresh yet familiar. Working with the band is a real labour of love. From writing material, to recording our own stems and samples, producing all band artwork and running our own label, we push ourselves hard and want to keep pushing, taking our message and our music as far as physically possible.

What can you expect from a "This Burning Age" release?
Walls of sound. At times incredibly loud and aggressive, at other times softer and more introspective. A driven narrative. Music you’ll want to crank up loud with friends. Music you’ll want to listen to in a darkened room with headphones. Music to make you think. Layers upon layers upon layers. Electro beats with pounding skins. Stark synth lines. Driving bass. Compulsive riffs. Wonderful punishment.

Plans for 2014?
"Supplication" is part one of a four EP project (one being released every three months over the course of a year) culminating in a full 12 track album with extras. We want the next year to be the year that This Burning Age come kicking and screaming into the wider world. Alongside the four releases there'll be video shoots and plans to tour the UK with longer term plans for playing shows abroad.

Why should you listen?
If you're looking for a band that makes you want to scream and throw yourself around one minute before pushing you into quiet introspection the next; a band that's equally at home dishing out walls of distorted guitar noise as they are layers of brooding synths; a band that doesn't take you for an idiot and gives you lyrics that you can lose yourself in, then you've come to the right place.

Friday - Vocals, Guitar, Synths, Arrangements
Jon Farrington-Smith - Guitar
Dave Bennett - Bass Guitar
Christian Jerromes - Drums


For Management, Press and UK/International Bookings please contact Lucie Webster at 5th Day Records Artist Management

Email: lucie.thisburningage@gmail.com

To contact Friday and This Burning Age directly:

Email: in-formation@thisburningage.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thisburningage
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