This Burning Age T-Shirts have landed.

29 August 2014

And the T-Shirts have landed. Absolutely over the moon with the quality of the Tees and of the print (as modeled by the lovely Lucie) and I hope you guys will feel the same. The response from the pre-orders has been absolutely amazing and we sold out the entire first batch BUT never fear, I'll be organising a second order next month so keep checking in on our Facebook site: or follow us on Twitter @thisburningage for news on the release.TBA Black T-Shirt - Model - 22-08-14


This Burning Age T-Shirt News

10 August 2014

Some great news for those who've pre-ordered one of my This Burning Age band T-Shirts: I had a chat with the screen-printer and we're now going for a halftone dot print which means instead of a flat white image, we're now going to be able to replicate the shading of the original artwork. On top of that, I took delivery of a few samples last week and we're now getting them printed on a higher grade of T-Shirt than standard - the material is softer, the blacks are blacker, all in all it's a far better quality all round. And finally, we've decided to use a premium white ink for the print to get the best reproduction possible. Sure, these changes cost more but if you're going to do something, do it right, right? And there's absolutely NO change to the price - they're still just £13 including P&P.

T-Shirt Final Mock-up - 09-08-14


Lots of news today in the This Burning Age camp.

30 July 2014

Lots of stuff to tell you about today!

Firstly, we've had a fantastic review of both EP01 "Supplication" and EP02 "Devotion" by The Ringmaster Review - 8.5 and 9 out of 10 respectively!

Second up, we've got a radio interview we did for Scotland's Rock'n'Reel Reviews where we not only talk about the EP but films, music, not being able to walk down the highstreet without tripping over USB sticks (no really) and other stuff. gets very, very random...

Thirdly we've got a little sneak peek for all the people that kindly bought the physical version of EP02 this week so you can see what will be arriving in the post shortly! Here's the physical version of Devotion in all its CD glory!

And finally, we've got one of the best reviews we've had so far courtesy of Craig Roxburgh of Mind Equals Blown magazine. Honestly, it's stuff like this and the support we've been getting from everyone out there that really means so much to us. x


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